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Buck Mountain is conveniently located just minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway and its natural beauty and recreational opportunities. But being member of the community also affords members a variety of amenities, services and benefits right here on the mountain. Below is a description of some of these offerings.

The Pond at Deer Run

Originally created to provide a source of water for helicopters during fire drops, the pond located along Staghorn Road near the intersection with Deer Run has been become a central spot for enjoying the beauty of the mountain.

Buck Mountain Community Center

First built in 2003 as an outddor pavillion, this facility serves as the gathering place for many community events including our Spring member meetings and fall gathering. The pavilion was renovated and enclosed in 2015 to transform the facility into a community center, complete with restroom facilities and a pantry.

Catch & Release Fishing

Stocked with largemouth bass, multiple species of sunfish, and channel catfish the pond is slowly becoming a great 'ole fishin' hole in the middle of our mountain paradise.

Dawn R. Warren Memorial Garden

In 2014 two gazebos and a memorial garden were added to the south end of the pond. These lovely additions were privately funded in memory of Dawn Warren, one of the first residents on the mountain who was involved in many aspects of our transition from a new mountain development into a real community. She spent many hours at the pond, and whether it was helping to cook at an event, stock fish, or wading along the banks of the pond to clean out cattails and brush, her smile was a true reflection of what it meant to spend time on Buck Mountain.

Fern Flats

Originally puchased by the association to extend the greenway system, the area to the west of the pond is known as Fern Flats for its level terrain and abundance of ferns and flora. A mulched walking trail, including a hammock nestled beside the stream that serves as one of its borders, helps make this area a truly hidden treasure of the mountain.

Outdoor Activity Center (OAC)

Constructed in 2016 as an outddor gathering place, the OAC features a putting green, large outdoor fireplace, and a small picnic shelter.

The Oasis at Tranquility Falls

This peaceful location, located on the southern end of the ATV trail leading from the pond, is a great place to escape for an afternoon.

ATV/UTV Trail System

The pond is the anchor point of a system of trails built specifically for ATVs and their wider UTV brothers. While these trails are not meant to be competitive sporting trails, they are meant for the enjoyment of community members looking to release some of the pressure of everyday life while tooling around the mountain. (Registration of your off-road vehicle is required to use these trails or ride the vehicles on the roads within Buck Mountain).

Staghorn Falls

Located near the middle of the community on Staghorn Road, this 65' tall waterfall provides a beautiful backdrop for relaxation.

Falls Basin

A few steps from the parking area beside Staghorn Falls Road brings you to the bottom of the falls and its basin pool. There on your left you'll find Adirondack chairs nestled around large boulders to provide a front-row view of the falls.

Basin Overlook

A short two and one-half minute walk from the parking area at Staghorn falls brings you to the east side of the falls, where you'll find a side trail and short run of stairs down to the Basin Overlook. This private, tranquil viewing area is hidden from the road and provides an excellent respite from the stress of daily life. You'll find four comfortable chairs, plus a hammock tucked around the corner for that aftenoon nap.

Falls Summit

Add another two minutes to your walk and you'll find yourself at the top of Staghorn Falls, where you'll find a glider and chairs situated alongside the stream that leaps from the summit. Looking upstream your eyes will land upon another set of falls which create a beautiful "S" shape that pulls you in and invites you stay. To your left across the stream is a place to sit quietly and listen to the sounds of the rushing water.

ATV Parking

If you prefer, you can ride your ATV to a small parking area which is perched above the falls and walk down a short trail to the summit of the falls.

Community & Social Events

The association sponsors several social events throughout the year and opportunities to interact with staff, neighbors and invited guests.

Buck Mountain Night Out (BMNO)

On the last Saturday of each month, members are invited to join their neighbors at an area restaurant for fun and laughter. The location and cusine changes each month, and there is usually a pretty good crowd and lots of conversation.

Taste of Buck Mountain

Starting in 2015, this event is meant to bring the community together and showcase the culinary talent that thrives on Buck Mountain. A friendly competition with a large tasting menu provides chefs and participants with all the ingredients needed for a fun time with the neighbors. Check the calendar for this year's schedule!

Volunteer Days

Several times per year the Buck Mountain Recreation Club (BMRC) holds a volunteer day to work on a particular recreational area. The activities could include cutting away overgrowth along ATV trails, planting flowers, building a bridge over a creek, staining picnic tables, or any other task that finds volunteers sharing time together working to benefit the community.

Spring & Fall Meetings

The annual meeting and elections for the Board of Directors is held each Spring, typically on Memorial Day weekend. The Fall meeting is generally held on the third weekend in October. The meetings normally include an hour long presentation on the status of current projects and the financial health of the association, and the meetings are followed by a social lunch for members.

Open Board Meetings

In additon to the Spring and Fall meetings, the Board of Directors holds at least two open meetings each year where members are encouraged to attend. These meetings are generally in the first and third calendar quarter of the year.

Fire Wise

Fire protection is an important consideration in a remote mountain community, and Buck Mountain is no exception. Being prepared can be the difference between life and death.

Champion Volunteer Fire Department

In 2000, over 800 acres were burned over a four day period. Luckily, there were no deaths and no homes were lost as a result of the fire thanks to the efforts of the Champion Volunteer Fire Department, the North Carolina Forestry Service, and the numerous other fire departments that were called in to assist in battling the blaze. In the early days, community leaders worked with the Wilkes County Fire Marshall and local authorities to annex Buck Mountain into the Champion Fire District. This helped provide the long-term funding necessary for the construction of a fire substation on U.S. 421 just two miles from the entrance to the community, further helping to reduce response times and improve fire safety for the association.

Retention Pond with Flume

Constructed in 2015, this eye-pleasing watering hole filled by a flume isn't just for good looks. Filled by water piped from the top of Staghorn Falls, this retention pond provides a water source for fire trucks when fighting fires on the Staghorn and Casey Mountain areas of Buck Mountain. The water point also provides a gravity-fed source of water for use when compacting gravel during road maintenance activities.

Staghorn Fire Tank

This 30,000 gallon tank is the primary source for auxillary water for the fire department when combating house or brush fires on our mountain. It is located in our service area near the intersection of the two main ateries in our road system, Buck Mountain Road and Staghorn Road.

Smokey the Bear

Errected in 2014, our Smokey the Bear sign helps greet members and guests to the mountain to remind them of their role in helping to snuff out the possibility of a fire roaring through our community. The big fire in 2000, and several smaller blazes since then, were the result of careless people burning at the wrong time, the wrong place, and with little or no thought as to the danger open fires bring to the mountain.

Mountain Security

Whether you live on the mountain full time, enjoy the benefits of a weekend cabin, or simply own a piece of land for investment or as part of your retirement dream, the safety and security of your property is important and a focus of our mission.

Security Gate

The community entrance is protected by a state-of-the-art security gate which helps to ensure the security of our members and reduce use of the private roads by the general public. Entry is provided by electronic "proximity" cards or remote controls in addition to pass codes which may be entered on a keypad at the center security kiosk. In addition the the gate, multiple video cameras keep track of vehicle flow in the area and help protect the valuable equipment located at the entrance.

Security Patrols

To help increase the safety of our residents and keep mountain property secure, the association employs an outside security firm to engage in random patrols of the mountain. These officers are there to protect and assist members, and ensure that regulations regarding use of the roads and recreational facilities are properly followed.


The vast majority of membership dues are allocated to providing the following services for our members.

Road Maintenance

The association maintains over 30 miles of roads beyond the entrance gate, most of which are graveled. This makes Buck Mountain one of the largest property associations by land mass in North Carolina. It also provides a considerable challenge in managing the community, and is the primary cost driver for our dues. The road maintenance includes grading and graveling our dirt roads, repaving our blacktop surfaces on a periodic basis, maintaining the ditches and berms along our roads, and mowing and trimming of our road banks.

Snow Removal

When inclement weather hits, our private road crews get busy at sunrise removing the fallen snow. If we get warned of the weather in advance, steps to protect paved areas from the dangers of ice are also undertaken before the storm hits. Although our crews do a great job, one must remember that this is a private mountain community and winter weather can often hamper the ability to get on or off the mountain, especially if you don't own a four-wheel drive vehicle. If we get ice or an abundance of snow, you should plan to curl up in front of the fireplace and stay on the mountain until things get back to normal. Snow removal on the primary and secondary roads is included as part of the services provided by member dues.

Waste Removal Services

To help keep our mountain beautiful and reduce the trash alongside the roads, as a service to our members the association maintains a waste compactor at the service area near the intersection of Buck Mountain Road, Doe Run Road, and Staghorn Road.

Recycle Center

This service area also has facilities for recycling cardboard, metal cans, and plastic bottles.