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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this community controlled by covenants?

Yes. Prior to purchasing property within the community, you may wish to seek legal counsel to be sure that you understand the covenants and how they apply to your property.

Can you build anything you want on your property? Can you camp on your property? Are there any tree-cutting restrictions?

There are detailed Architectural Guidelines that control what structures are acceptable and provide information on proper materials, color, size, quality, etc. These Guidelines are maintained by the Architectural Review Committee who has full and final authority over what is permissible on tracts within the community. Property owners must apply to the ARC for approval BEFORE you begin any project, including any significant clearing of your property. Additionally, the Guidelines include information on camping on your property. The purpose of the ARC Guidelines is to protect property values and ensure the Buck Mountain community remains a pleasant and attractive place to live. Although our association is not as strict as some “in town” homeowners' associations, and we have very few conflicts over ARC criteria, prior to purchasing property in the Buck Mountain community please be aware that Buck Mountain is a residential community governed by a Board of Directors and Guidelines and restrictions to maintain a certain quality of life and environment.

What are the annual dues assessments for members of the communtiy?

For 2015, lots with houses are asseseed at $720 per year and unimproved lots are assessed at $360 per year. The dues levels are set each fall by the Board of Directors for the upcoming year and announced at the annual meeting, which is typically help on the third weekend in October. Over the next ten years, it is expected that dues will continue to rise each year 3% to 5% to keep up with inflation and the cost of maintenance.

How many miles of roads are there in the community? Are they all private?

There are about 32 miles of roads beyond the entrance to Buck Mountain, of which approximately 29 miles are graveled. There are no plans to pave any more significant sections of road, as it generally costs about three times as much to maintain paved roads as it does gravel roads. In the future there are certain sections which may be cost beneficial to pave as the result of continued maintenance challenges, and the Board will peridocially review opportunities to reduce maintenance costs by paving these sections.

How are the member dues spent?

Approximately 60% of the dues are used to maintain the extensive private road system within the community. Only about 5% percent of the annual dues are used to maintain and improve recreational facilities on the mountain. The other third of the budget is used for liability insurance, security, fire preventation, utilities, accounting, legal and administrative fees.

Who runs the association?

The Board of Directors consists of seven elected officials who are charged with running all aspects of the community. Three additional commiittees (Roads, Finance, and Parks/Recreation) include members from both the Board and the community at large to help formulate recommendations for policy decisions and both strategic and tactical planning. The membership votes on the Directors each year, where two or three of the Directors' terms expire annually. While the Board uses various forms of communication to garner input, it is a representative democracy and the Board is charged with making all final decisions without specific individual vote on issues by members.

How old is the Buck Mountain community?

The first lot was sold in 1995, and the first house built shortly thereafter. In 2000 the association was turned over from the developer to its members, and the first Board of Directors was elected.